Why Video?

Our goals are straightforward: To create engaging content that effectively reaches your target demographic. We know you have a product or service that is worthy of quality video production, and promoting it will ensure professionalism, creativity, and results.  

Looking to promote your business, brand, or yourself. A 30-second promo video is a great way to get out in front of your clients or to capture additional clients.   If you’d like something a little more substantial our 60-second promo video is a great option.   View Portfolio

Your event is as unique as you are and you should demonstrate that. We create event videos that show the quality of your brand.   View Portfolio

Our video services can help show your production in the best possible manner. We excel at putting you or your brand in the best possible light.   View Portfolio

If you want your business to make a personal connection with your current customers and potential customers an interview video is a great way for you to get “face-to-face”. View Portfolio

About Christian Purdie Photography

We Believe Video is the Key of Marketing

Video marketing is more than just creating videos. It is about conceptual development, an understanding of marketing and how to tell a visual story. Video production can help you reach and connect with your target audience. We focus on understanding your market audience and creating videos that will grab their attention, engage, and compel people into action. Whether that action is to by a product, use a service, attend an event or even refer you to their friends. We know you have something amazing to offer and we want to help you share it with as many people as possible.

Videography is a crucial tool in the age of the internet. It tells a story and captures a person’s essence better than most photographs and write-ups. The goal of a Las Vegas Videographer is to create quality videos for small businesses, corporations, or musicians who seek to connect themselves to a large audience.

The Las Vegas Videographer has to be proficient with the technical aspect of a camera and have a keen understanding of a good aesthetic in the editing process. A video with meaningful content combined with a visually pleasing look can expand your business/band or at the very least get people to think about you.

If someone seeks the services of a Las Vegas Videographer, then it’s important to communicate your wishes clearly so your idea is brought to life in the most effective way possible. Like photography, videography combines art with science. Video is a medium that’s been proven to effectively command attention unlike writing or photography. Furthermore, the message and intent of a video is stated, whereas a photograph generates discussion that is required to fully understand the context of a photo.

Whether you seek video for promotional purposes, or you just want to make your creation come to life, utilizing video is an effective tool for expanding business or driving audience traffic in your direction.